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  We Offer Genuine Hand Knotted Oriental Carpets  

We are in the business of Oriental carpets for the last 35 years. We are the manufacturers of renowned Mori Bukhara and Jaldar Karachi Quality with and without Silk Touch. We also produce Percian Design in Silk Touch and Silk Base, Kafkaz design in Silk Touch, Prayer Rugs, Sherwan 3 ply and Khyber Range: PAK-KHAL MOHAMMADI, PAK- CHOBI and PAK-KAZZAK. Besides we produce programmed goods as well and ensure that order will be honoured according to the specific, designs and colours.

Pakistani oriental rugs with their exquisite craftsmanship, enchanting designs and beauty have fascinated viewers over the years. Pakistani rugs are made of delightful colors, woven into patterns of beautiful flowers, tendril and geometrical designs that speak different stories of Mughal dynasty. Each carpet is a unique piece of art. This piece of art has proudly run from generation to generation in families.

Jaldar Silk Touch Mori Bukhara Kafkaz Design Silk Touch Persian Design Silk Touch Persian Design Silk Base Sherwan 3 Ply Pak Chobi Pak Kazzak Pak Khal Mohammadi Prayer Rugs
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